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Board of Directors

Board Members server a one year term.  They are elected to the board at the Annual General Membership Meeting held each August.  Official duties for each position in the league are detailed below.  We have many unfilled positions, so please consider volunteering for the Auxiliary Board and helping out.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this web site, or any comments for us, please contact the appropriate Board Member.  For general questions, please contact the Information Officer.





Scott Farnham




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Tim O'Keefe




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Kerissa Hollenbeck




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Tracie Romandetti

Player Agent



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Michael Henderson

Coaching Coordinator



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Ben Plechaty

Co-Equipment Manager

Opening Day Coordinator


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Shawn Sumner

Equipment Manager



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Kevin Dillon

Concession Manager



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Lynsey Jones

Team Mom Coordinator



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Chris O'Connell

Field Supervisor



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Jason Christman

Uniform Coordinator



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Dustin Myres

Safety Officer



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Joe Reese

Sponsorship Coordinator



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Auxiliary Board Members




Kris Lyle

Director at Large



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For a printable version (PDF) of the Board of Directors, please click here.

Descriptions of the various League Officer positions are listed below.

Note: Positions marked with (Board Position) must be filled by elected Board Members.  All other positions can be filled by either elected Board Members or by Auxiliary Board Members.

President (Board Position): It is the President's duty to oversee the entire league. The President is responsible for appointing all managers, coaches, and umpires, with Board approval.  The President is also responsible to ensure that all players are of the correct age and residence.  The President's main responsibility is to interact with the district and Little League to make certain that all paperwork is completed in a timely fashion.  This includes all rosters that must be submitted to League Headquarters in Williamsport, PA 14 days after the first scheduled game.   The President is also in charge of conducting all board meetings.

Vice President (Board Position): Takes ownership of all aspects of the baseball program; ensures managers are aware of inter-league rules; ensures managers are aware of the expectations of the Board (playing time, taking care of equipment, concession involvement, etc.) communicates all inter-league rules with the managers.  The Vice-President is the direct liasion to the district for inter-league play for baseball.  The Vice-President assists the President as needed.  The Vice-President shall assume the responsibilities of the President when the President is not available.

Secretary (Board Position): The Secretary needs to keep the minutes of all meetings.  It is also the Secretary's responsibility to conduct all correspondence for the league.  The secretary is responsible in assisting the President in creating the rosters which are supplied to League Headquarters in Williamsport, PA.  The Secretary prepares/mails General Membership meeting notice; retrieves messages from the league answering machine and returns calls; and picks up mail from the league Post Office Box.

Treasurer (Board Position): Maintains accurate records of all financial transactions;  prepares yearly report for General Membership meeting; pays all bills; deposits all monies collected from registration, sponsors, concessions, etc.  Helps prepare budget for next season.

Player Agent (Board Position): The Player Agent has the responsibility of conducting tryouts, maintaining the waiting list of players not yet on a roster, and placing players onto rosters.  The Player Agent conducts all Drafts.  The Player Agent is also the interface between any parents/players and the board.  It is his/her responsibility to insure fairness within the league.  Checks scorebooks to ensure all players are getting required playing time and facilitates All-Star selection process.  The Player Agent cannot manage or coach a team.

Safety Officer (Board Position): Often an overlooked part of the league, but very instrumental in the organization.  It's the Safety Officer's responsibility to supply and keep updated a safety plan to League Headquarters in Williamsport, PA.  This includes plans of action should an accident occur, emergency phone numbers and follow-up on any accidents.   The plan should stress first aid classes and certification for any league members.  It's also the Safety Officer's responsibility to insure that all games are being played safely and with proper equipment.

Coaching Coordinator (Board Position): The Coaching Coordinator represents all managers/coaches in the league (baseball and softball).  The Coaching Coordinator is responsible for: presenting a manager/coach training budget to the Board; gain the support and funds to implement a league-wide training program; order and distribute training materials to managers and coaches; arrange and conduct coaching clinics.  The Coaching Coordinator is responsible in insuring that all managers and coaches are properly trained according to EGLL and Little League standards.

Umpire Coordinator: The Umpire Coordinator is one of the most important and thankless jobs in the league.  Finding umpires is one of the most challenging positions there is.  Scheduling umpires whether for a division or the entire league is a difficult, but rewarding task, when fulfilled.  The Umpire Coordinator should take the opportunity to not only schedule umpires for games, but to also train the volunteer umpires.  Umpire clinics are very important to not only train, but to find new umpires.

Equipment Manager: Keeping an inventory and holding down the league's costs are this officer's first priority.  Making certain that all teams are properly equipped with safe gear is also a priority.  The Equipment Manager should not only take inventory, but ensure that all equipment is in good working order. The Equipment Manager is responsible for everything from the balls, bats, and catcher's gear, to the rakes and equipment used to maintain the fields.

Concession Coordinator: Concessions are the bread and butter of the league.  Although much work is involved in concessions, this is where much of the revenue of the league comes from for post season play.  Not only does the league generate monies, but a favorable atmosphere for a ball game.  Traditionally, the concessions have been at the heart of the league because of the facility.  This is where the balls are, keys for lights, restrooms, incidentals, information, and ice for injuries, as well as the phone for any emergencies.  The Concessions Coordinator will ensure concession stands are clean; maintain proper inventory levels; calculate cost of items/generate price lists; post instructions on how to open/close stands; ensures "banks" are prepared for concession stands.

Volunteer Coordinator: Keep track of the volunteers, whether for coaches, umpires, concession workers, or field maintenance, and schedule accordingly.  The Volunteer Coordinator ensures that all volunteers have filled out and submitted a volunteer form and conducts the background checks on each volunteer.  The Volunteer Coordinator assists the Secretary in maintaining the volunteer list.

Team Mom Coordinator: The Team Mom Coordinator plays a very important role to ensure that information is distributed to the league.  The Team Mom Coordinator is the main interface between the League and the teams.  This position has the responsibility of making the team picture schedule and works with the Fundraising Officer on any fundraising activities.  The Team Mom Coordinator and Fundraising go hand in hand.

Opening Day Chair: Coordinates all activities required for the Opening Day Ceremony.  This is an important position but the work is done once the games actually start!

Sponsorship Coordinator: The Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for sending sponsorship renewal letters to previous sponsors.  Attempts to solicit new sponsors.  Responsible for collecting all sponsorship fees and distributing plaques to sponsors.  Responsible for finding ways to raise money for the operation of the league.  One fundraiser per year is allowed with the players in uniform.

Webmaster: Responsible for keeping the web site up-to-date.

Field Supervisor: Responsible for the conditions of all fields.  Is in direct contact with the City of Melbourne for any field maintenance problems/issues.  Insures proper field equipment (rakes, chalk, chalk liners, sponges, etc.) are available at all fields.  Supervises work days at the fields.

Uniform Coordinator: Responsible for all aspects of acquiring and distributing uniforms.   Insures that all players are properly measured for uniforms.  Designs the uniforms, seeks vendors, orders and receives uniforms, and distributes them prior to the first game of each season.  Also coordinates uniforms for All-Stars.